Jocz Productions: President Woodrow Wilson's- 14 Points and League of Nations Explained

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President Woodrow Wilson, was an idealist at least in one sense. He saw a post-World War I Europe that would be liberal democratic, with free private economies, that would never want to go to war with each other, because they would never have to. The boundaries of each country would be clear and recognized and the economies would all be private and successful. And these countries would then serve as great ally to America and never need to go to war with America either. And both sides would be great trade partners as well. With expansive free trade and low tariffs.

The League of Nations like the United Nations in the 1940s and 1950s post-World War II, was seen as an organization of allies that would protect and defend democracy and freedom around the world. The 19 teens and 1920s, was pre-Cold War. Where liberal democracies like America and in Europe, were in competition with communist and authoritarian countries like Russia, the Communist Republic of Germany ( which was East Germany ) and Eastern European Slavic countries like Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia. Had the League of Nations been successful, maybe we don’t get World War II. Not saying that the Nazi Party wouldn’t come to power in Germany in the 1930s and that America and Europe, wouldn’t have gone to war with Nazi Germany in the 1940s. But there would have been this League of Nations there and Europe would have been stronger and as a result Adolph Hitler’s power and destruction outside of Germany would have been limited.

President Wilson’s idealist vision for America and Europe, was to have liberal democratic countries that would have no need to go to war with each other. Because they would always have peace and prosperity. Be reliable trading partners with each other and America and defend liberal democratic values. And not feel the need to invade each other because they respected each others land an autonomy.

I believe one of the reasons why Nazi Germany was able to come to power and create so much destruction for German Jews but other Jews in Europe like in Poland and France, was because there wasn’t this international organization there to keep the peace and promote democracy and national autonomy. America and Europe, didn’t go to war with Nazi Germany until after a lot of damage and murders and been committed because there wasn’t this international organization to prevent something like a Nazi Germany from coming to power.
Jocz Productions: President Woodrow Wilson's- 14 Points Explained

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